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Safety Solutions

The PATSCAN VRS-HS face mask compliance detection module uses computer vision analytics that leverages common off-the-shelf digital video camera technology to detect if a person is wearing a face mask.

The module is designed for deployment on single or multiple digital video camera networks for the detection of face mask compliance to assist in preventing the spread of viral pathogens.

Perfect for hospitals, business offices, event / sports venues, government buildings, retail, schools and universities and other locations where the public gathers, and health concerns are critical.


  • Non-compliant use of face masks

  • Lineups or checkpoints for compliance

  • Face mask use against viral pathogens

  • Health & Safety protocols are met


Through proprietary automation software technology, Patriot One’s PATSCAN VRS-HS  video recognition solution can now alert authorized personnel to breaches in face mask health & safety protocols quickly and accurately. These real-time “elevated interest” subjects are instantly flagged to onsite personnel for compliance response.

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