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PATSCAN™ is a next generation layered multi-sensor platform designed to detect and combat active weapons and explosives threats before they occur.

Originally conceived to covertly detect concealed guns and knives, our fully integrated platform cost-effectively secures perimeters (i.e. parking lots, walkways), access/egress points, and facility interiors.

Employing the latest machine learning and A.I. software, we NETWORK award-winning technologies across an integrated platform using advanced RADAR weapon detection sensors; sophisticated VIDEO analytics for automated detection of visible guns, knives and rifles along with fights and disturbances. Our video recognition solution also identifies indications of elevated body temperatures indicative of fever, and even monitors face mask compliance. Our MULTI SENSOR threat detection gateway covertly allows for greater deployment and ease of use than any competitive system, and our CHEMICAL detection sensors covertly deploy for the identification of explosive compounds (i.e. bomb threats) and even narcotics.

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